Help with Side Effects

Hi, I’m 27 and I’m from Spain.

I need your help because I have problems with libido and erectile dysfunction and I’m having a strong depression.

My first cycle was at 18 and the last at age 24. I was an idiot and irresponsible child. Never did a pct.

My hormone levels are fine. I have gynecomastia, I am taking letrozole.

I’m losing my life because I lost my girlfriend, do not leave home and I am very sad.

Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish. Please I need help, I’m desperate. If any teen reading this, please be very careful. Thank you.

thats really unfortunate, sorry to hear it. theres something called Power PCT that may be worth looking into. if you can though i would definitely seek out as good a professional as you can

just to clarify i meant someone to help with the libido and hormonal stuff.

I have taken clomid, nolvadex … I went to doctors, endocrine … nothing helps me.

Use more testosterone? But my levels are fine, at 700 ng / dl. Thanks for responding paul. Has anyone been in this situation?

Is gyno surgery an option for you?

Stay positive my friend. Keep eating healthy, train as hard as you can. Start today turning this around.

forget about the girlfriend. You’ll get a better one.

Letro is brutal on libdo, but worth it if it’s helping w/ your gyno IMO

Qué otros exámenes aparte de la testosterona tienes? Prolactina? Estradiol?

Prolactina 8 (2-17)
Estradiol 40 (8-40) before letro

has this only happened during letro?

[quote]Paul33 wrote:
has this only happened during letro?[/quote]

You’re thinking maybe estrogen might be too low right now?

I had problems before letro. Maybe now the estrogen is too low, but I have to try to reverse the gynecomastia. I wait? My libido never return?

It seems as if this happens to some…myself as well. All Hormones are fine and still I have the same symtoms as you.
The depression part is the worst. Somedays better than others…
Have you used deca in your cycling ever?
This type of dysfunction can happen to deca users… it appears as if it somehow disrupts some of the dopaminergic pathways in the brain…

One study showed a return to normal of these pathways 5 times the time the compound was used…( it was a study on rats, but was studying the after effects of nandralone use.)
According to The doctors Ive consulted with, If your test levels have recovered, time is the best course of action… Allow recovery by allowing ALL drugs AND thier metabolites to exit the body…Deca metabolites can be detected 18 months aftfer use…

I am not sure how much gyno can be reversed by letro. Maybe arrested, but I doubt it will have much effect reversing it.

It is a relatively small operation to have the gyno removed. It might be worthwhile just to be able to stop taking the letro, which is probably the main suspect now.

For gyno try 60mg Raloxifene ed for 10 days. Then use 30mg Raloxifene ed until gyno is reversed. This may take awhile, but it is worth a shot and cheaper than surgery.