Help With Shoulder Pain

A week ago I finished my Wednesday routine (Waterbury) and left the gym feeling nice and pumped. As soon as I got home a had a sharp pain in my left shoulder that got worse over the next 3 or 4 days. Now the pain is constant and I have been unable to do any pulling, pushing, or pressing movements without some good pain. Even the smallest movements, like reaching to scratch my head or reaching across my body to anything involves some sort of pain.

Now going on week 2 without being able to be in the gym and starting to feel stressed out about losing all the gains I got the past 8 months because of lack of being able to lift. I am continuing my stack of Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7.

What recommendations are out there. Quit the supplements, only continue leg and right arm movements? Anybody ever had this issue before? I am hoping that whatever it is does not require surgery.

Seek professional help before you do anything. Read Eric Cressey’s “cracking the rotator cuff conundrum” article. But from personal experience, I would see a orthopedist or sports medicine clinic to rule out any obvious structural, ligament, or other problem.

You’ll learn alot about the shoulder from Eric’s articles. The solution may be simple, or complex, but nobody on this board has seen you, knows your history, or knows you… so see someone who can examin you and who is an expert.

If you know of folks in your gym with similar problems, ask around to find a good orthopedist or physical therapist. I wouldn’t lift at all until you can see a professional. I would PM Eric or somebody with experience with shoulder problems.

WHen you seek out professional help, seek the best, because a shoulder problem can turn into a life altering problem where weightlifting is concerned. It can be managed, but with bad advice it could get worse. Not to scare you… that’s just my experience. Do an internet search in your area. Hope this helps.

I’ve had bad rotator cuff and shoulder problems and am very glad I found a good physical therapist to get checked out. They got me back on track with proper internal/external rotator exersizes and a couple sessions of ultrasound and deep massage.

I still do the rotator cuff exersizes and always balance chest/shoulder work with equivalent back work. I’ve not only made myself more injury proof (and I’m 44) but given myself a pretty impressive back in the process. Balance is important to good joint health. First thing first though, get yourself to a good doctor or physical therapist.