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Help With Shoulder Injury

The other day I was working on shoulders and and I felt a bad type of pain in my right shoulder while doing lateral raises with only 10 pounds for a warmup. The previous exercise I did was clean and press and felt no pain.

I am almost 100% sure the reason I have pain in my right shoulder is from a previous job. On the job I had to lift my arm fully extended from the side of my body until my hand was at about head level. This was to grab a light handheld computer.

I did this exact same motion about 500 times a day or more for about 2 years. I also notice that my right shoulder is way less flexible then my left shoulder. Though my left shoulder is unusually flexible according to the remarks made by a family medical doctor. I am right handed by the way.

Anybody have any suggestions? I have decided that I should probably take a week off of shoulder training. It seems clear to me that I have repetitive motion syndrome.

There’s a truck load of information about shoulder problems on this website.
Read it.

Go the the authors of this site and check read the articles by Eric Cressey. I have shoulder problems, and what he has given away for free, in terms of fixing shoulder problems is equal to thousands of dollars that my insurance company has paid my physical therapist. I hope that made sense. In other words, his articles are great!

Thanks guys