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Help with Shoulder Injury

Hi everyone,
over the past 2 months, I have gotten progressively worse pain in my right shoulder, right in front. It is most painful on incline pressing and the bottom half of the bench press – overhead presses are fine. I am able to raise my arm w no pain in both adduction and abduction. internal and external rotation with my arm against my side are also fine. the only time I get pain in movement if when my upper arm is raised to shoulder height and I internally rotate my forearm (basically mimicking a flat bench with my arm at 90 degrees.

Obviously, I plan to skip any flat bench or incline bench until the pain goes away. Any thoughts on what might be going on? I have been doing a bunch of reading online, but havent found anything that identifies the combination of adduction and internal rotation and what might be causing. Many thanks in advance.

rotator cuff injury. dont fuck around. get it looked at by a good ortho dr, MRI is needed to verify soft tissue damage. hope you have insurance.

i’ve had both shoulders repaired over the last 10 years