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Help with Shoulder Injury.

Hey everyone.
Six weeks ago…

I strained my left pec/deltoid and injured my left coracobrachialis on the last rep of the last set of 5x5 on the barbell flat bench press.

I went to my general practitioner and was told it was a deltoid tear(I knew this wasn’t the case) and would heal by itself in 6 weeks.

I also went to my chiropractor who accurately identified that there was no pectoral rupture and worked primarily on my coracobrachialis because I was very week in transverse flexion and had discomfort in transverse adduction.

At the moment, my pec and deltoid function have recovered steadily. I can press with 30-40% for 8-10 of normal loading with only minor discomfort.

However, there is still an obvious strain(or maybe tear) in my coracobrachialis. There is a lump of scar tissue or balled up muscle right under the coracoid process and I’m still experiencing pain and discomfort doing dumbbell flyes(transverse flexion) even with 5 lb DB.

I’m going to attach some photos as soon as I can.

I need help with rehabilitation training.

Any input and advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




heres some good advice, find excersizes that strengthen the area without causing any pain during or after

getting away from barbell benching is a good idea right now

also, strengthening the smaller rotator cuff muscles is important

maybe start with trying a nuetral grip dumbell floor press

if there is a build up of scar tissue find someone who practices ART to help you with that.


-squats and milk
-a barrel roll

stop doing:

-Flat Barbell
-Flat Flies

shit dude, that looks pretty serious, id consider surgery or at least some SERIOUS massaging.

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