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Help with Shin Splints


I recently decided to begin Figure Training, and i get really bad shin splints, which makes cardio more difficult than it already is... Any advice on what to do for shin splints?


I used to get shin splits really bad too...

I just rested them but you could try water running :slight_smile:


Rest is the best thing to do. After running stretch your leg muscles especially your calves. When you run land on your heel and roll your foot forward -this takes tension of your calves. Hope this helps


Shin splits are caused when the heel hits the ground and the forefoot "slaps" down causing trauma to the muscles on the front of the tibia. Landing heel first will exacerbate the problem unless you change the way you run. Good shoes are a must.

Rest and ice/heat therapy should help.

There are loads of internet articles about shin splints. Use google.


Thank yall so much!


Try working on your tib post.

Get some sort of exercise band on your foot. Wrap the handle by the ball of your foot. Point your toe all the way down (called dorsiflexion). Rotate your ankle by trying to point your toe between your legs/feet.

Change your cardio so you are not pounding. and look at your shoes.


x2 - I had some very painful shin splints predominantly in my left leg - I decided to buy myself a pair of nike frees (5.0) after reading some reviews on here. I slowly transitioned to wearing those for training and also worked on a few different trigger points in my calves (especially my soleus) with a tennis wall / foam roller (check out the 'trigger point therapy workbook') this seemed to get rid of them for me.


Vibram Five Fingers.

Once you know how to run or do cardio with these guys, it should transfer over to any other shoe you use.

I used to have shin splits when I ran or did cardio and the VFF was like an overnight cure.


Check this video out, it has some helpful tips for shin splints rehab: