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Help with Setting This Program Up

hey everyone my 1st PL meet is coming up March 31st. Its a push pull mee and my bench sucks ass. i way 183 and by bench was at 175 becaause ive htad a really bad sticking point off the chest. Latly ive been trying to fix that(dumbell presses, paused bench, incline, and flys.) i have noo problem at all with tricep lockout ive done 205 on lockouts before without much difficulty. Im currenting training Westside. A month out from the meet though id likr to do smolov jr. for bench while still doing westside for squats and deads. How would i set this up thanks. 330/175/285

westside? well, IMO, you should do something which has some more classical benching in it. Follow something like this Ed Coan’s bench program or mayby Dave Tate 8 weeks bench cure, solid program.