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Help with Setting Realistic Goals

Help with Setting Realistic Goals some advice from some of you more knowledgeable folks. I am a 30 year old Carpenter who has been having back problems for the past year or so. I decided I needed to do some work to strengthen my back and also drop some weight. I went to my doctor for advice and he did a body fat percentage test, which came out at 22.5%. He gave me some advice on exercises for my back and eating better, But then he told me that my goal should be to get myself down to 180 lbs.

This seems patently ridiculous to me, as I have probably weighed more than 180 since I was 12 or 13. Right now I am 6’1, 285 lbs, If this body fat precentage is correct then assuming a target percentage of say 10% that still leaves me with about 70 pounds to go to this target weight. Is this something that I even want to attempt? I have no experience at all in weight or general fitness training, but this seems kinda crazy to me. I took some measurements to hopefully give you guys some kind of better idea what I’m working with here.I’m just worried that trying to accomplish this goal is going to lead to a huge decrease in energy and general health.

Neck 17 in.
Shoulders 56 in.
Chest 49 1/2 in.
Waist 44 1/4 in.
Biceps 17 3/4 in.
Forearms 13 1/2 in.
Thighs 24 in.
Calves 19 1/2 in.

I am just a huge fat bastard making excuses? Or is this really as silly as it seems.
My thanks for any advice you guys can give.

Ok for your weight that is a huge drop, an will look uneven for a 6’1 guy. i would shot for 5-7lbs slowly each month till you get down to about 200lbs. Then from there it is up to you to go further if it does not look bad at 200lbs.

[quote]Dme wrote:
Is this something that I even want to attempt? [/quote]

Only you can answer this.

You’re 285 pounds with a 44 inch waist and back problems. You have to decide if you want to change that.

You may not hit 180, but you could certainly get down a lot from 285…

Am I the only one thinking that body fat % is absurd ? and NONE of this makes any sense at all

Hes 6’1 285 and has “no experience at all in general weight or fitness training”

But has a size 44 waist ?

Maybe its just me but this doctor doesnt sound very bright.

If youre 6’1 285 with a 22% BF youre gonna look like a beast (or at least pretty fricken huge and not in a fat way)

I understand 22% isnt exactly lean, but its not terrible.

I would guess your real body fat has to be closer to 30-35% if not higher.

Hell none of this makes sense

If you had a 22.5% body fat you would have 64 pounds of fat on your body. Yet this doctor says you need to lose 105 pounds ?!

As a matter of fact the only 2 conclusions I can draw is you either completely misunderstood what the doctor said, or he printed his diploma out off his computer.

hey Dme,
I was in the same boat about two years ago. I got up to 265 at 6’2". My knees and back were hurting all the time, and i started having trouble climbing with my bags on(which is just down right embarsing). Over a period of about a year, just by counting calories, I dropped 40lb.

Here’s the important part…Back and knee pain is gone…I tell people now, “I thought I was getting old, turns out I was just a fat ass.”
If I were you I’d try something simple at first like not drinking any calories. That would mean no milk, juice, soda, gatorade, cream or sugar in your coffee, beer(well maybe just during the week)etc., and if you work comercial maybe some lsd(long slow distance) after or before work.

Think walking,swimming,biking-but no running you weigh 285 and you will cry like a little girl when you knees and hips start talking to you. If your working residential and can’t get in enogh walking, your just f’n lazy.

[quote]Dme wrote:
He gave me some advice on exercises for my back and eating better, But then he told me that my goal should be to get myself down to 180 lbs.

This seems patently ridiculous to me, as I have probably weighed more than 180 since I was 12 or 13. Right now I am 6’1, 285 lbs,
I had this same conversation with my doctor. I weighed 215 and he told me it would be best to shoot for 160. I laughed and told him I had not weighed 160 since I was 15. The moral of the story is that doctors look at your height and prescribe a weight, period. They don’t take into account how muscular someone is or the size of their frame, etc.

The only thing I did like about that doctor,haven’t been back, is he gave me information on the Paleo Diet which is progressive for most MD’s. I half expected him to give me a brochure on the food guide pyramid.

So anyways, you know your body better then some guy who stuck your height into a chart and came up with a weight. I would say a 70 pound weight lose combined with noob muscle gains from starting a program is a respectable goal.

Read through your post again, your f’n huge… You will feal chitty if you do anything to extreme. Because of your job…Do not start some crazy weight training routine if you go on a diet. you’ll crash and burn in no time. There are alot of good articles on here about fat loss, but it is going to take diet change…sorry

At age 15 I was 243lbs 5ft10 at 19 I was 155lbs at 6ft with 9% bf. I honestly recommend not being upsessed with scalr numbers like me I ran miles a day rode a bicycles 2-3 hrs a day (bmx) with friends ate cleanish an I lost wright almost 100lbs in my life lol.

Then last year at 19 decided being ripped is lame at 155lbs an 6ft bulked up to 195 @ 12% bf now cutting down to 8-9% bf nothing is too unrealistic. Here’s my advice through a ton of trial an error of weightloss
DIET MUST BE INCHECK diet is 80% of being or getting in shape. I recomend shooting for around
200g-225 protein a day
^^^ pretty basic baseline diet some people will disagree an what not but I recomend it

also your protein should be lean meats chicken breast,lean beef,lean ground beef,turkey,fish,egg whites
CARBS rice(anytype),oats,beans,wheat bread,potatoes/yams/grits,pasta
Fats-organic peanut butter,almonds,olive/veggieoil, limit saturated fats

Avoid simple sugars go for complex carb sources as I listed. KEY TO STICKING TO A CLEAN DIET…VARIETY u don’t half to eat a plain chicken breast and brown rice day in an out. I can make health hamburgers with
40gprotein/20g carbs. 5g fat all day. Just read labels buy a food scale an get to it.

As far as training do a simple 3day split monday-chest tris shoulders -tuesday off wensday-legs abs -Thursday off -friday back biceps- sat/sun off. on off days I recomend cardio work ur way up to 15-30mins a day slow pace stair master or inclined treadmill 3.5mph bu ne sure to give your self atleasssst two days a week away from the gym ull burnout to quick. Have a cheat meal WHATEVER U want no guilt once a week

U stick to that plan ull drop weight while getting inshape an becoming healthy I guarantee it if u need motivation make a training log here or yputube ulk have followers to bug u an keep u from giving in goodluck