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Help with SERM Cycle

Hello everyone,

I am a 24 yo male and have been lifting for 2-3 years now, i have been thinking of cycling but i really don’t think i’m ready to take that step, instead i have done some research and would like some opinions if possible.

I tested my natural test levels and i’m at 566ng for now, i have been taking clomid for 4 weeks at 12.5mg E3D and that upped my test to 889ng, which is pretty cool. I’ve noticed nothing different apart from a light increase in libido. Then i upped my dose to 25mh E3D, and added proviron to decrease SHBG and Free some more T, after a week or yesterday to be exact i noticed some slight tingling in one of my nipples for just a second or so and i’m now feeling them every few second to check if i ever feel some pain or get any gyno symptoms, i don’t know if it’s all in my head since i get pretty paranoid if stuff like that happen in my daily life.

So far i don’t feel that i have any gyno symptoms except for the tingling i had the last time, i can’t tell if it was just a one off thing because of what i was wearing (maybe an itchy t-shirt) but i’m sure it was just a one time thing but the paranoid me is will always apply the worst case scenario on any situation.

So i was thinking to get some nolvadex to run it maybe 10mg ED or to stop everything Altogether since my goal was only to optimize my hormones, and since this is safer than steroids i thought i would give it a shot and planned to do for a few months since i know this is prescribed as a TRT alternative for people with secondary hypogonadism.

Any feedback is appreciated.

P.S. I started this cycle because i stopped recovering well in the gym and had brain fog, after starting it i noticed some changes for the better.

What’s the question… yes you can run nolva if you really want if there is early gyno it can help. Why don’t you use enclomiphene instead of clomid? It’s more effective and none of clomids nasty estrogen side effects. It’s actually anti-estrogenic.

I don’t have access to enclomiphene since everything i get is from a pharmacy, they only have clomid with the two isomers combined. Also, will the nolvadex lower estrogen? prevent gyno? or both?

You can get it online from research chemical sites. Nolva won’t lower estrogen it targets breast tissue estrogen only