Help with Second Cycle

stats - 21, 6’ , 200lbs, 15% bodyfat, been training for 4 years. Messed around with sarms like LGD, Ostarine, MK-677, 4andro, etc. my first real cycle was Test E only at 600mg/week for 10 weeks, Arimidex 0.5mg eod, Nolva PCT. gained about 15lbs of muscle

my second cycle i’m planning on starting in 2 weeks is
Test E 600mg - weeks 1 - 10 (300mg twice a week)
Dbol 50mg - weeks 1 - 4
Arimidex - 0.5 eod
Nolva 40/40/20/20 - 2 weeks after last pin

daily - milk thistle 1000mg, propranolol 30mg (blood pressure)

questions -
1.) i’m looking to bulk up quite a bit while gaining the least amount of fat possible. would a 400 calorie surplus be enough?
2.) how much volume is too much while on cycle? my gym buddies tell me my volume is already too high. I do push/pull/legs with no off days. not looking to come off PPL, but if I need to add in rest days or maintain/lose some volume that’s cool.

typical workout:
Push - Flat bench - 5x5, Close grip bench - 2 x 8, Incline bench - 4x8, , Seated shoulder press - 5x8, Tricep extension 4x8,

Pull - Deadlift - 5x5, Barbell Bent over Row - 4x8, Cable Row - 4x8, Lat Pulldown - 4x8, Seated Dumbell Curls - 4x8, Wrist curls 2x15, Dead Hang 4x1min

Legs - Back Squat - 5x5, Back Squat - 4x8 (lmao)

Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.

Do you need that much arimidex or are you just wiping your ass before you shit? I’m on week 7 of almost the same cycle and I have not used any yet and no titties. You might need some but .5 eod is a lot.

Rest days are certainly necessary depending on how intense your workouts are.

I would have at least 2 a week even on gear. I recently switched from 2 to 3 rest days a week and its allowed me to gain weight. Remember you grow when you rest and eat, training is just the stimulus.


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You need more exercises on leg days and I would also add in more reps on all lifts, unless you are solely training for strength.

I rest one day per week and also do PPL, I don’t feel like I need a rest but as SB said, you grow out of the gym. I’m on week 12 of my Test E only cycle and I’ve not touched an ai and everything is good.

Seems reasonable to me except the propanalol. Its a beta blocker that used for heart conditions. Are you scripted this? Are you rotating that workout EOD or just working 3 days a week?

Yeah, I’m prescribed the Propanolol for anxiety - lowers cortisol.

You could say I rotate it. I do push/pull/legs and start right back at push with no rest days.

Sounds about right. When I started I was training only for strength which got my squat to 425 x 1. I’m looking to train for hypertrophy on cycle - will add in some leg press, quad and hamstring extentions/curls, actually train my calves.

Sounds good. I think I’ll do Push/pull/legs/rest then repeat.

On my first cycle I blew up like a bloon my 3rd week, had puffy nips, and used the ai as needed - ended up needing that dose. I guess I’m prone to estrogen sides.