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Help With Schedule & Workout

I’m new to this site, although I have read through the forums here and there.

Anyways a little background information from me.
I was a Martial Artist for 10+ years. I blew out my knee May of this year. I had microfracture surgery on the right knee. The knee is healed up but I am suffering from a slip disk (herniated disk). My left leg gets a numb/tingy sensation.

I’ve been out of working out and everything b/c I wanted my back to heal up, but it doesn’t seem like it is doing anything on its on so I decided to make a change.

I’m slowly getting back into working out and dieting. Let me know what you think and what I should change.

9:00am Protein Shake + 1 Banana or Peanut Butter Sandwich (100% Whole Wheat)
11:30am Half of Turkey Sandwich (2slices of whole weat bread, low fat cheese and turkey)
12:00pm Work out
1:00pm Other half of Turkey Sandwich + Fruit
4:00pm Fruit or 1 can of tuna
6-7:00pm Protein Shake or Random dinner with no rice, pasta, carbs. just meat and veges
If i’m still hungry around bedtime a handful of peanuts and water.

Throughout the day I drink about 3 liters of water

As for workouts I’m not sure what I should do for my schedule. My office building has a small gym in there (and I mean small) so I’m making that work. Any help here would be great. Working out Monday-Friday.

I was thinking of doing…
Monday- Chest/Tricep/Shoulders
Tuesday- Legs
Wed- Bicep/Back
Thurs- Chest/Tricep/Shoulders
Friday- Legs

Then the next week I’ll start with Bicep/Back.

Thanks !!

You should try reading the articles.