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Help with Scapula Protraction, Weak Serratus/Trap?


I believe I have a winged right scapula, in the first picture I am squeezing my blades together and you can notice the right blade “coming out” from the back. The second picture is the correct posture (I believe) that I can only keep trying to protracte the right scapula. My right trap is undeveloped/in the wrong position and I think a weak right serratus is the cause.
Has someone had the same problem? I’m actually training three times a week focusing on correcting my problem, trying to reinforce the serratus but I don’t feel it working. Do you have any advices? Thanks to who’s gonna answer.

The serratus is the muscle that pulls your shoulder blade against your ribs. Like protracted flat against your ribs.

If your scapula is “winged,” its flying away. Your “normal” position is wrong. Pulling it into correct position will feel different or strange.

If you can figure out how to use your trap (shrug) while in proper position (scap protracted, or flat against ribs) it should help.

Check this out.

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Definitely check out the link Flatsfarmer posted, it’s a blueprint to fixing it & also understanding it

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Thanks for your answer.

I will be honest, I am more prepared on the scapula than it seemed in my post. The reality is I didn’t have much hope someone prepared responded to this. Well, I read the discussion between you and the other user you linked me. I watched the video of 15 minutes on scapula stabilization which I found interesting because it was like the first one that didn’t recommend just doing scapula push up. I already know most of the things especially the importance of upward rotation. (I lack of right upward rotation and I am still working on it. I suggest you to check moveuoffical on Instagram, they were the first that taught me the external rotation with the arm at 90 degrees to activate the serratus). Since I started doing all of those things I have made important progression and I believe and hope it’s just a matter of time to restore scapula position. My question is: right now I am doing shrug to reinforce the upper trap, I tried every kind of them. Everyone suggests overhead ones to improve also upward rotation. I am not a fan of them because my right arm and shoulder fatigue before the trap. I am now doing shrug holding a kettlebel

Holding a kettlebell in front of me (https://www.vahvafitness.com/how-to-train-upward-rotation/) or holding it at my side at 30 degrees with arm externally rotated and the scapula locked down and protracted. I just don’t understand if the cause of lack of upward rotation is the serratus, the upper right trap undeveloped or both of them knowing that they both upward rotated the scapula. Right now I am working on those things and I think I’m slowing improving.

Sorry for the mess (and for my English) but I am typing by the phone with the connection one second on and ten off. My question is if the shrugs I’m doing are correct.

Screenshot_20181117-130332 you told me the second photo position I posted is not correct, but in the video it says to keep the scapula protracted and down positioned contracting the serratus to correct posture. (I can only do that thinking about it, while my left one works properly on her own). Did I miss anything?

I think we had a language/communication issue.

You said the 2nd photo was “right” and that you had to actively concentrate on your serratus and to focus to hold the correct position. I was agreeing with you.

Regarding traps;
If you had this shoulder problem for awhile, it’s possible you have other posture issue. Maybe one shoulder or hip is higher or lower than the other. Or one rib is flared and your torso is slightly twisted one way or the other. Maybe you are slightly crooked, but you are so accustomed to it you can’t even feel it.

When you do shrugs, standing, with both arms working at once you can feel it. One doesn’t line up right and it’s hard to use the tarp to shrug.

I would try to do the shrug Seated on a Bench, One arm at a time. Focus on symmetry and each arm working the same way. Sitting down, it should be easier to feel and adjust for any posture issues. In my opinion it will be easier to get the bad shoulder moving better if you can focus just on one trap at a time.

The pallof press is also good to challenge posture and back position.

You could also do face pulls, 1 arm rows, shrugs or overhead press in the half kneeling position to challenge hips and posture if you have similar issues with those lifts.