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Help with Saliva Test (ZRT) Results


36y/old male

I've been having some libio and energy problems as well as a real problem gaining any real size and strength. This has never be a problem before but over the last 1.5 years seems to have become progressivly worse. talked to the Pharmacist who sold me the test and he basically stated that My Testosterone and DHEA was in the low normal and that we could try to get a script for some T but a DR would have to buy in... Wondering what you guys think. I want my Testosterone in the upper normal. Also based on these results i seem to be having some adrenal fatigue. any products out there that would be worth supplementing for this.

Estradiol (saliva) 1.0 pg/ml
Progesterone (saliva) 35 pg/ml
Testosterone (saliva) 78 pg/ml
DHEAS (saliva) 9.6 ng/ml
Cortisol Morning (6am) (saliva) 8.7 ng/ml
Cortisol Noon (12PM) (saliva) 1.7 ng/ml
Cortisol Evening (8PM) (saliva) 0.4L ng/ml
Cortisol Night (11:30 PM)(saliva) 0.1L ng/ml


i need to get a saliva test for my adrenals as well, what's the most cost effective way to about this?



I went through a local pharmacy. I want to say it was about $40 a test... each cortisol reading was an individual test.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but saliva testing is pretty much worthless. It can be OK for hypercortisol states but other than that I would NOT make any judgements based on those results, especially the sex hormone results. Furthermore, the lab [ZRT] that you used is known to be bunk.

For cortisol, do a 24-hour urinary free cortisol. You can buy it from privatemdlabs for 80$.

For testosterone, go to quest and get Testosterone, free total and bioavailable. Serum bioavailable testosterone is the gold standard for evaluating hypogonadism.

For DHEA, get DHEA-S serum.


I would agree with Chemman. Saliva is useless for sex hormones, however, I do believe it is quite effective for cortisol.

I do think there is value in the 24 urine testing (especially for sex hormones), but it is only showing you the average throughout the day. That doesnt really tell you much... You may have very low cortisol in the morning and afternoon and incredibly high cortisol in the evening and night which would render normal 24 hour urine results. The saliva cortisol testing would point out this dysfunction.


Need the ranges.


So how do you go about treating an inverted cortisol rhythm?