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Help With Routine?


To start, I started lifting like 2 years ago, I did SS, saw decent gains, but then destroyed my thumb nerves and was out for about a year. In that time I also had a work accident that hurt my lower back, that stops be from dead lifting still ( still feel thumb now and then also).

5x5 bb shoulder press
Super set
4 sets pull ups (5reps, 4, 3, 2 usually)
4 sets dips (10, 9, 8, 6 my recent best)
3x8-12 incline DB bench
3x8x12 cable row
5x5 squat
3 sets glute-ham raises, 45 pound plate
3x 20 leg raises
3 x 10 weighted decline crunches
5x5 bench
5x5 row (bb, or chest supported depending on lower back that day)
3x 8-12 incline bb bench
3x 8-12 lat pull down
super set-
3 sets dips
3 sets curls
3 sets skull crushers
same as Tues but with 3x5 squat

In three months ive seen gains in muscle size, but strength has stopped increasing. I was thinking of just changing the main compounds (flat bench for incline, bb row for t-bar). Or should I scrap this?


Coming from a guy that had terribly fucked up shoulders, now back to about 90%, do more rear delt work. Band pull aparts and facepulls. Do turkish getups on lower body days for singles. Not heavy, but something like 10-15 ramped singles each arm with as much rest as you need. First 5-10 singles ramp up, last 5 done with straight weight. And try reverse hypers for your back. If your gym doesn't have a machine do them off a bench w/ ankle weights. High reps are great for rehab/prehab. Pull throughs are also good. And try rack pulls from below the knee, they're fun. And switch the bb rows for kroc db rows, which also happen to be ridiculously fun.


Well I'll bite by asking the two most obvious questions: 1. How much are you sleeping? 2. How much are you eating? Usually, the cause of a strength stall is in one of these two before the training.

Also, this doesn't mean you necessarily have to switch exercises, but perhaps need to try different sets/reps. Try some ramping sets of 3, 2,...whatever you need to get stronger.


Yeah ill second this, almost always its the diet but even if you eat perfectly its still more likly your not getting the amount of rest you need.