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Help With Routine While Cutting


I’ve been reading up on training and diet routines for about 2 years now. I started at 5’8 and 140lbs or so, and am now the same height at about 185lbs. I can bench 100lb dumbells 5x, squat 315 5 times, I used to deadlift 365x5, can shoulder press 70lb dumbells 6 times or so, do 15 pullups, and am okay at most other lifts.

My college (Georgetown University) doesn’t have any barbell benching/squatting stations, so during my freshman year I’ve used dumbells and the smith machine for squatting (I know it sucks but it’s better than nothing).

This summer, I was hoping to cut down to about 175 or so and maintain as much muscle as possible. I KNOW DIET IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - but for the sake of this discussion I wnt to hear about training ideas. My core (chest/back/shoulders) are pretty strong, but my arms (especially biceps), traps, and abs all suck. I don’t work out abs enough, that’s my fault, but no matter how much I try to work biceps they don’t seem to grow. My arms look pathetic compared to my core.

I was wondering if there were any routines you could point me to that would focus on arms (so I can look hyooge) while maintaining the gains I’ve made in my core while I cut down this summer. I was thinking something like

Mon -
Flat BB bench 3 sets of 5
Military/Push press 3 sets of 5
3 sets of shoulder flies or so
Lots of tri exercises

Tues -
Weighted pullups 4 sets of 5
2 sets BB row
Lots of biceps/traps

Thur/Fri - same thing as the other days but using 12 reps or so. I would cut down volume every 4 weeks to 50% or so to unload. For my bi/tri exercises, I’d utilize mostly 8-12 rep schemes and work on the “pump” and lots of time under tension for my muscles.

I’d also like to incorporate plyos (for rugby) and some sprinting into my schedule.

Let me know what you think, I have to run to class right now but I’ll be onlinea lot and keep updating my plan. Any advice is sincerely appreciated.


Hopnestly much the same that got you from 140-185 will with diet get you to 175. Just maybe cut the volume a bit as you wont be eating for recovery etc. Make sure you are still lifting some real damn weight. dont go for that high reps to get cut BS.

As for direct programs that are good while cutting. I liked ABBH and also any total body workout while cutting. Simple effective and burn a shit ton of calories in one go plenty of time for recovery.

Hope that helps,