Help With Routine and Diet Plan

Hello everyone!

Age: 21

Height: 5’8

Weight: Between 158-160 daily.

BMI: Not yet sure.

Training: I was fat about 3 years ago 202 pounds (age 18) and decided to start losing weight, after that I thought I was to skinny so I started lifting, nothing to heavy but enough to make small gains.(age 19) Recently I have started lifting more weight and have seen greater results.

The problem was I was going for a more body sculping look but decided against it about 8 months ago and am now looking for more of a body builder look. In addition to that all I have to work with is free weights in my basement so my workout is somewhat limited. In my opinion I look kinda small but I’m told otherwise by pretty much everyone else. (check profile)

Weights: 2 30 pound dumbbells, 2 40 pound dumbbells, pushup bars, olympic curl bar, olympic barbell and 300 pounds of weight

Goal: I want to have more mass with a nice tone look.

Your going to notice that most of the things I listed below I can do more then what I say I’m doing. I just need help in deciding about how much weight you think I should be trying to use, or maybe a short term goal of a weight you think would be ideal for whatever type of lift I listed. Please let me know if there is any other exercise you think I would benifit more from then what I have listed with the weights I have.

Also theres no real routine I do on any given day, I try to do upper body on one day and the following day lower body and after that a rest day.


Bench press- I usually do about 190 @ 3X10 (I know I can do more then 190, I used to do 220 for 3X6 should I go back to that? It’s been a year or so.)

Squat- Like I said before I only have free weights so i squat about 135 which is very easy to do, but keep in mind I have to be able to lift whatever weight it is im carrying above me and set it on my shoulders to squat however mand times I can then have to lift it back over and set it down, so in otherwords i dont want to kill myself somehow over doing myself lol.

Deadlift- Sadly I was one of those losers who almost never worked out my legs let alone how well the deadlift works every muscle. With that said I’ve recently starting doing this and im at about 220, which is again nothing but in the past few weeks has been going up a few pounds a day.

Standing Rows- 135 @ 3X10, this is easy for me so im thinking of bringing it up about 10 pounds or so or keep adding until it feels right?

Hammer Curls- I usually use the 40 pounds dumbbells @ 2X15 per arm.

Dumbbell Cleanpress- Again 40 pounds @ 25 reps per arm and having the dumbbell touch the floor each rep.

Pushups- I use pushup bars and elevate myself as much as possible for about 2X30

Pullups- I can do sets of 10, but the beam I use is set in a odd place making it difficult for head clearance.

Curls- I use 90 pounds on a curling bar although I can do about 115 or so.

Diet: My diet varies everyday depending on how hungry I am but reguardless I try to eat healthy.

Fats: I probably take in about 25 grams of fat or less a day. Should I be taking in more?

Protein: GNC Mass XXX (taken after a workout or on off days I take it in the morning) 50 protein per scoop and about 125 carbs. I take in about 130-160g per day. Is that enough?

Carbs: I try to take in between 200-400 a day. (I know theres a huge difference in that :[ ) Should I take in more? whats the ideal number you think?

Calories: About 2000 or so a day whether it’s a workout day or not.

I’m sure you guys get tired of answering the same questions over and over but I figured it was worth a shot. My workout and food intake seems to be all over the place and the reason for that is because im not even sure where to start lol. Thanks in advance!



If this is full of typos I’m sorry it’s 3:38am here haha…

Hey Alex - Welcome to T-Nation.

Couple of things to kick this off…

First your routine, or lack of it. Have a good hunt round here and read a lot. Figure out what you can do with the weights you have (hint - there’s more than just regular squats you can do if you don’t have a squat rack - see next point). Come up with a routine you can stick to and do it - with limited kit you are going to struggle to do starting strength but there are other workouts or variations.

Second - as I said - variation on lifts will help. Maybe not as well as doing the original, but they won’t be far off. Have a look at hack squats for example. No need to lift the weight above you to rest the bar on your shoulders. Front squats will negate the danger and difficulty of lifting heavy weight over your skull!

Also try overhead squats - If you can press that 135 over your head, hold it there and squat. It may well open your eyes!

Third, at your body weight - you need to eat more that 2000KCal per day. Multiply your weight in lbs by 15 (IIRC) to get a rough idea of maintenance calories. Puts you at about 2400KCal/day. i.e. at your current calorie level you may well still be loosing weight.

Add another 500 per day and train hard. See what happens. If you don’t see strength and size increases then increase by another 500 and so on.

Your protein intake looks ok for your body weight. you could easily add another 50% though when you start a solid routine.

I appreciate I haven’t really given you an answer, but hopefully given you a nudge in the right direction. There is a wealth of information here - read the stickies and some articles. Work things out for yourself and post those ideas up for assistance.

BTW - Your BMI is 24.3 - doesn’t mean shit IMO.

I score 34 which puts me as way obese by the charts. I’m not though.

Body fat percentage is another matter though but probably not something you really need to worry about yet anyway. Eat, lift, rest, grow.