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Help With Reverse Hypers


Today I tried reverse hypers for the first time and had some trouble. When I lowered my legs I felt a shooting pain go down my ass and hamstrings. I did some research and discovered it may be "sciatica" which is nerve pain in the sciatic nerve caused by pinching. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?


ive never experienced that...id get it checked out...and Ive seen tons of the college athletes I coach do it without issues...and if anyone is going to complain, alot of times it will be athletes who dont want to try something new and make excuses...

were you warmed up?


It's probably not sciatica. Sciatica is a persistent but usually intermittent condition and the typical initial symptoms are spells of tingling or numbness in one leg.

Possibly you managed to outrage some small muscles that were getting used for stabilization, but the problem wasn't too noticeable until you tried to lower your legs slowly.

If you felt no residual sensitivity at all, I suppose it's possible you pinched a nerve briefly.

Despite the name of the exercise, don't actually hyperextend the spine when doing this move, just fully extend it.