Help with Results. Low Testosterone?

I’m 19 but looks more like 15: little to no facial hair (only a little in chin and moustache, not even one hair in sideburns or anywhere else), tiny wrists and hands and I don’t have a high libido. Been thinking about hitting the gym but didn’t get good results before ( almost none ).

I had some blood tests taken: Range:
TSH: 1.97 μUI/ml 0.35 - 4.94
Free T4: 1.06 ng/dl 0.70 - 1.48
Total Testosterone: 9.80 ng/ml (my tanner I think) Tanner V 0.16 - 9.02
DHEA: 201.4 μg/dl 238.4 - 539.3
Free testosterone: 18.32 pg/ml 1.00 - 28.21

Can you please help me reading these results? Total testosterone seems high to me but free t really low. Thanks!

Edit: added lab ranges, also my semen is pretty clear and watery, kinda weak erections and no hair on chest, arms little and blond hair.

Add the lab ranges boss man

SHBG is the foundation for regulating and activating testosterone and estrogen hormones and you don’t have it, it’s like getting in the car without your keys, you aren’t going anywhere. If SHBG is high you can still experience low T symptoms even though your TT is high. You got in the car with no keys wearing blindfolds. Labs are only half of what you need for proper diagnosis.

fT3 is the active hormone like FT is the active hormone converted from TT.

No estrogen (E2), fT3 or rT3 testing?


I add these tests when I talked to my doctor about the issues up there, and right know I don’t really have the spare money to go the doctor, only later on.

Added, thanks for your reply!

Are you located in the US?

No medications and no testing of of estrogen, fT3 or rT3. Thanks!

No, I’m from Portugal.

So considering these results nothing is wrong?