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Help With PWO Meal

Hey all just need a hand with my PWO drink. I have some Surge enroute but I was wondering if I was doing okay for the time being. I do full body training three times a week with some HIIT twice a week for 20 minutes on off days. I am trying to gain muscle but keep fat gain to a minumum (hence HIIT).

Before either workout (cardio or weights) I eat a whole wheat bagel with fat free cream cheese. Immediately after I drink a protein powder + banana shake with skim milk. An hour after that I like to drink another shake that has, 2 servings of peanut butter (400 calories about 24 grams of healthy fats), 2 servings of protein powder, skim milk, a banana, and some dry oats.

This gets me about a 1000 calories very easily. I choose to throw peanut butter in there because I have (for the time being) turned my back on P+F or P+C meals. Keeping one macro out of the others meals left me unable to stack my calories to get the extra food in. Does anybody see any problem with this?

I am 187 pounds looking for about 220 lbs (eventually, obviously I want it to be muscle mass). When the Surge gets here I would use it to replace my immediate after, and possibly sip on it throughout the workout, but I plan on keeping the 1 hour post workout shake the same. I have had some success with it just making sure that it checks out okay.

T-Man21, some people’s approach to bulking is to eat a whole lotta food/calories. Others prefer to bulk with a bit more precision, making sure they get optimal amounts of protein and good fat and tracking the amounts, types and timing of their carb intake so that they can raise or lower it based on their results.

You sound like you’re taking the former approach because you say you’re turning your back on the whole P+F/P+C thing. That being the case, I’m not sure that those of us who follow JB’s P+F and P+C precepts are able to help you with your diet.

Don’t worry what we think. Just do it. If you like the results you’re getting, then keep ON doing it. If you don’t like the results you’re getting, then you need to make some changes. That’s what each and every one of us here on the forum do … we put together our plan and then take it for a spin. In the process, you’ll learn what your body requires and how you have to eat.

Whatever you do, keep on reading and raising your level of knowledge. Take pics so that you have something to compare your results to.

Heres a link:


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Great link! Thanks alot for that. Tampa Terry, as always thanks for the great information and encouragement.