Help with Pulse Feast/Supp Program

Hey CT and friends!! Been reading the site forever finally time to post up. I’m planning on doing the pulse feast but I wat to get everything out of it I can obviously. I plan on doing Big Beyond Belief(with a few added muscle rounds) while doing this plan. I’m choosing the pulse feast because I have no appetite in the A.M and I have a one year old and am working on a pre-med classes yada yada yada anyway…
195 (15%bf)<—total guess, you can see all abs but no obliques
HOPEFULLY can lose fat and gain some muscle doing this plan.

I really want to get MAG-10, Plazma and Indigo-3G but financially not gonna happen right now.

My questions are:

1.What would be the lowest amount of MAG-10 I could use in the pulses to make cost effective?

2.Same for Plazma, is 1 serving intra enough?

3.It says dont worry about calories, but is around 2k or 2.5k calories during the “feast” enough to gain mass?

Thanks guys!!

I replied to your question on the Biotest support forum: