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Help with "Pseudogyno"

Hello guys. I apologize if you get bored, but I hope you can help me. I lost 20 pounds, and forget my chest. I have 145 lbs, well-vascularized arms, 4 packs look relatively ok. But those nipples … is not gynecomastia, because I went to the doctor and said it was kind of a pseudogyno. What can I do? I am very sad because of this, I find no motivation. I’m tired of cutting and all … I do not know how to exercise anymore, inclined or decline bench. The truth is when i was fat, my nipple looked worst. Now are better, even it seems not to be. Thank you

I Hope you help me. Thanks

Get bigger pecs.

A marble looks smaller when it’s attached to a bowling ball vs when it’s attached to an orange.


How old are you?

So you lost motivation over a minor perceived defect?

18 years old. First of all, i thought its gyno, but my endocrinologist said it is pseudo.

Yep, unfortunately. I get sick of everything, depressed of me, my body and more others.

Man trust me don’t stress about that. If you want a pick
Me up take a trip to the beach. Not for RnR, just to look at the guys with bigger boobs than most women confidently walking shirtless around on the beach. I promise you’ll have a new out look. You just need to build some mass and you look pretty lean anyways so your gains will show through better. Trust me man just build some confidence (not saying be an arrogant dbag) there’s millions of guys that would kill to be in your position right now in life. Good luck!

I will go along with the others in this thread… What you have going on is not a major deal. I know it is to you and i am not demising your concerns. Add a ton of lean mass onto your frame and no one will care.

this isn’t a muscularity issue. The appearance of your nipples is just what it is. No amount of lifting, or not lifting, will affect it.

But seriously? You give a fuck what your nipples look like?

You probably won’t do this, but I suggest seeking counseling/therapy from a mental health professional. This is an unhealthy obsession, and the fact that it has made you depressed, and taken your motivation away, is cause for concern. You don’t have a physical problem, you have a mental one that you need to address.