Help with Programming

All -as some might remember I asked about using different lower body to upper body templates about a month ago. Thanks for the help, working well. But work has changed and I need more advice.
I will now struggle to make the gym other than the weekend or one 20-25 min session. That way for 9 months.
This is not a huge issue as I have some home equipment. So I can carry on my bench and press work outs at home.
But my squat /deadlifts I can not. No rack and lack of weight.
I can’t invest anymore £££ in it either.

This means either my squat or dead will be reduced to “I ain’t doing jack” while keeping the other much more full.
So far I’m thinking Saturday bench BBB, Sunday dead lift triumvirate, Tuesday press BBB (which can be done at home) Thursday squat “I ain’t doing jack”. It’s a bit messy - I know but I’m assuming I’ll still see progress. I mean I’m keeping the 5/3/1 the same and just chopping the assistants lifts.

Saturday - full squat training
Sunday- full dead training

Your body will adapt.

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As ever - thanks Jim.

I’m both dreading and looking forward to this!
I’ll read up on rest and recovery and make sure I’m not busy Mondays!