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Help with Programming Deadlift

Looking for some advice on how heavy I should be deadlifting every week in order to increase strength. My goal is to deadlift 500 lbs. My max right now is 425. I have been deadlifting once a week but I am not getting stronger. I de load every 6 weeks. What I am wondering is how much weight should I be pulling each week. For example: 75% for 3x5, then next week do 80% 3x3, something like that. I believe I may be lifting too heavy week after week. Also on my squat day I include 4 sets of hex/trap bar deadlifts. I make sure I have 3 days, minimum, between squat and DL days. Any help would be much appreciated.

Check out Josh Bryant’s deadlifting programs.

Is his programs on T-nation?

Just use 5/3/1 or the cube. Even if you don’t use the whole program you can use the programming for your DL. 531 pretty much works for any lift. I’ve not done the cube in quite a while but had decent results with deadlift on it.

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I have not heard of cube. I will look it up. Thanks for the help!

Yes it is


Thanks for the recommendation about the Cube Program. I researched it and started it today. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

We are at the same place so take this with a pince of salt. I’ve found my deadlift goes up with my squat and RDL. Amazed to find Martin’s licis found the same for him

Are you saying you don’t deadlift regularly but only squat and RDL?

I deadlift very low volume, I tried more volume and got problems in my lower back. So I build up in singles and then stop. I found this by accident when I started as my mobility is awful and I couldn’t dead comfortably so I did rdls.

Licis doesn’t deadlift for weeks at a time, he states that squats and RDL covers the movement. His vids are worthwhile he talks and shows himself failing.

Just a different approach, might not work for you at all

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Personally I would go low volume on squats before deadlift. This is because I have suffered injuries from squats (left knee, both ankles, and lower back) I have never been injured deadlifting (knock on wood). However I do appreciate your input. It just goes to show that eveyone is different and different things work for different people. This is how we learn and get strong. Thanks again.

Josh Bryant’s a true animal.