help with program

right now i am on my week off ive finished doing ct’s bodybuilding pendelum i want to gain maximal strength and also was thinking of using abbh but i want to know if im better off using me days and dynamic days or following ct’s powerlifting pendulum i am not an athlete just want to get stronger any info will help thanks

Please allow the T-mag staff to illustrate the concept of a period.

Thank you for your patience. Now back to our regularily scheduled program.

WOW! Admins talking trash now?

I must have been so into my quest to get big that the period was forgotten.

wasnt the info i was looking for but oh well…

pricey give CW’s “Quattro Dynamo” program a look. It’s a bad ass program and the results you’ll get from it will be unbelievable, of course if you follow the program properly. Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

cool, thanks PGA iwas was looking at his qd program and it seemed crazy, because of the frequeny. maybe thats what my body needs to grow. if i were going to try i would have to eat some serious calories.

If you want strength I’d go with the WSB split. Stick to the template and don’t jump to 20 workouts a week cuz Louie does. He’s in better shape than you.

The WSB model is great cuz of it’s flexibility. For Example you can superset/circuit your accessory work (metabilic conditioning/cutting).

Once you are used to the model you realize you can prettymuch do anything with it, athletic performance, strength, cutting, strongman, bodybuild. Etc…