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Help with program

DogBiteCat is feeling a bit embarassed here. My wife told me last PM that I’m not looking as “ripped” lately, and I suppose that’s understandable–I’m 6 months into my first year of internship, and havent’ had nearly enough opportunity to eat, and my training has been consistant, but disorganized. Secondary to my bizzare hours, I’ve been training at home a lot (powerblocks, adjustable bench, and EZ bar with plates). I’ve noticed I don’t really get the same intensity as I do when I’m at a gym–but exercise selection is pretty much the same (but no straight bar–so no bench press, etc). Anyone got any home training tips, suggestions, or very abbriviated program at the gym? I can’t let medicine kick my ass!

Much appriciated.

Bump…please help!

i don’t use barbell at the gym either. dumbells are awesome and versatile. You can hit every body part. Do presses at every angle, curls at all angles, extensions at all angles, squats, lunges, deadlifts, raises at all angles, pullovers, rows at different angles, calve raises bent and straight. What is the problem. If you don’t have enough weight then buy more for the powerblocks. The Big Block Kit, plates 5-11, would take the set from a maximum weight of 50 to 125 lbs in each hand. Now i think that’s plenty of weight for you. laters pk

Check out Ian King’s article “Big Muscles, Busy Schedules” for a program that might better fit your needs.

I know this doesn’t answer your question but I’d like to know what’s up with your wife saying that to you - I think that’s BS. She should be supportive, especially you being in med school and all. Have you told her she’s fat or her butt looks big? Because that’s the equivalent of what she said to you. I mean come on you’re in med school right I mean a little understanding should come with that fat pay check you are going to be bringing home…

Actually, I’m an MD now, out of med school and in residency–about my wife saying that I don’t look as ripped: I actually asked her. I think it’s hard to tell sometimes, where you stand, and getting my wife’s opinion is helpful. She actually is very supportive. And dude–I WOULD NEVER TELL HER HER BUTT LOOKS BIG. That is like the unforgivable sin to women.

Take a look at an HST program. It is great when you don’t have a lot of time but I found the results to be excellent. When you are under a lot of pressure, working long hours and have interupted sleep patterns, you don’t want a lot of volue anyway. And with HST, you can break it up into AM/PM workouts of about 20 to 25 minutes each or even work out 6 days per week without worrying about CNS fatigue.

I would take a look at Coach Davies ‘Fat to Fire’, ‘Top 9 Exercises for Functional Strength’, and ‘Complex Training’ articles for some great ideas on exercise selection. Choose exercises that incorporate full body movements such as the squat/push press complex, DB swings, iron cross, etc. Also, try to throw in some non-weighted GPP like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, and shuffles splits. Combine these elements and you can get a great strength training and calorie burning workout in a minimal amount of time.

I know what you mean about the lack of intensity when training at home. I train at home one day a week using the same equipment as you and 3 times at the gym. I just started this about a month ago. Finally the last couple of at home sessions the intensity is coming up. In some articles that I have read, they stated that when pressed for time, the recommendations where to stick to the basics ie bench press, squat and deadlifts. Doing these exercises and maybe a couple of isolation movements when time permits over the course of 2 gym workouts per week, might work for you, plus whatever you can squeeze in at home.

Alright Doc understood.

Just to clarify my previous post, I started training at home a month ago but overall have been training for 2 years.Also, please ignore my spelling mistakes and brutal grammar. I must have been asleep.