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Help with Program

i’ve been working out for ten years. probably spent the first 9 of that over training every day. with my new routine i haven’t been seeing great gains, but i feel good lifting at the gym and after the gym.
was wondering if i should add or subtract anything out of it

routine looks like this
day1 stretch hips… hang power clean into over heard squat 50% of 1 rep max 1 rep ever 20 seconds for 5-10 minutes
squat 3 reps 225 255 275 285 295 305 about 3 min rest
front squat 3 sets of 10 at 185
hip thrusts n lunges with dbell over head

day2 abs and quarter mile sprints

day3 bench 5x5@275, rows 5 sets at 125 lb dbell for 6 reps, shrugs, various back stuff

day4 hang power clean into front squat into push press @50 of 1 rep max 14 reps with 30 seconds rest. Run 3-4 miles

day5 stretch hips, romanian dead lift 5x5 at 315, deficit dead lift 3 sets of ten at 185, good mornings, back extensions.

day6 shoulders… 5x5 standing shoulder press at 175. other shoulder stuff, incline bench and pull ups.
day7 rest or run.

if you enjoy it, then stick at it, but honestly I don’t really like it.

Are you training to be an Olympic lifter? Because if not then I think you would do better on a more traditional, bodybuilder type thing (depending entirely on what you’re training for…). There’s nothing wrong with it really, and if you bust ass on it you’ll see gains I’m sure, it’s just kinda weird.

What gains are you trying to “see”?

Your program is not very descriptive like saying “various back stuff” and “various shoulder stuff”. Makes me think you give minimal effort. You only gain as much as you put in. I always never liked when splits would have chest and back on the same day. Both need their own days to put equal focus and effort.

Instead of squats on day 1 and day 4, since you’re deadlifting on day 5why not take out squats from day 4 so you can be recovered for deadlift? Other than that it seems like a decent workout, just seems all over the place.

Are you adding weight on each workout? It doesn’t matter if you work out for 10 or 50 years, if you don’t add weight you’ll look the same.
The fact you said various back/shoulder stuff puts an image of a person going around his gym, unsure of what to do, just playing around with weights here and there until its time to go home, in my mind.
Basically, if you’ve been working out for so long but still don’t get much or any results, it probably means :
A) Your nutrition is horrible. Get more protein
B) Your muscles don’t get enough rest between workouts.
C) Your routine is horrible.

After looking at your routine, I would say that you’re not getting sufficient rest between workouts. Minus out some stuff, or make sure you have a day of rest in between.
I also noticed you said you have fun during lifts. You don’t lift for the fun of it. If you do, you’ll get “fun” results. In not saying lifting should be boring or like a chore. Just don’t go to gym for the sake of having fun lifting. This could be the cause of your no-great-results-in-ten-years-problem. Get a good workout around compound lifts with some isolations and remember to add weight after every workout, if done with perfect form.

Best of luck.

If course, what I said above truly depends on your aims too, so it would be great if you can’t provide us with your aims.