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Help with Program


So i've been doing my current program for 6 weeks and progress was going really well.......over last couple sessions though weights are going up on SOME exercises it's usually just a couple extra reps now...I know this is still ok but i'd like to try something alittle different just for variation. Not straight away but in a week or two.

Was hoping some one could point me in the direction of the CT article where he gives the ideal splits for muscle growth.....or have any ideas for a split where hams and quads aren't trained on same day, pref 5 days a week.

Thanks guys!


Try these articles if you haven't already...

Design a Program 1: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1701042&cr=bodybuilding

Design a Program 2: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1702383&cr=bodybuilding

Russian Approach to Whoa and Grrr: http://www.T-Nation.com/testosterone-magazine-629

Here is a tip, grab yourself a nice fat 3 ring binder. Everytime you read an article you find very helpful, use a program, etcetera about training or diet-- print it off and put it in your binder. I have quite an extensive amount of useful tangible information on my bookshelf that I can always reference. It helps as the years go by. Good luck.


Hey thanks Evolv :smiley:

Don't have access to a printer atm but it's a great idea!!
I'm going to save them as bookmarks so i don't lose them.


Ok so here's what i'm thinking....

(All exercises done in same way as monday)


Flat bench Ramped to top set of 6 reps then reduce weight and rep out with amap (4 sets total)

db incline 4 sets of 8-12 (ramped)

db incline flye 3 sets 8-15 (ramped sets)

db flat flye 3 sets 10-20 (straight)

bb standing calf raise 4 sets 6-10 (ramped)

seated calf raise 4 sets 8-15 (straight)


Leg press 4 sets ramped to top set of 6-10

Lunges 4 sets ramped

Hack squat 3 sets staight

Leg extension 3 sets straight

hyperextensions 3 sets straight

seated ham curls 3 sets straight




db military press 3 sets ramped to top set

db lateral raises ramped to top set of 8-15 (3 sets)

shrugs ramped to 6-10 reps in 3 sets

shrugs 3 sets straight

face pulls 3 sets ramped

rear delt raises 3 sets straight


Weighted chin ups 4 sets ramped to top set of 6 reps

underhand t bar rows 4 sets ramped

pulldowns 3 sets straight

pullovers 3 sets straight


weighted dips ramped to top set of 6-10 in 3 sets then bw amap

skullcrusher 3 sets of 8-15 reps straight

pulldowns 3 sets 10-20 straight

bb bicep curls 3 sets ramped to 6-12 rep

preacher curls 3 straight sets 8-15 reps

hammer curl 3 sets 10-20 reps

Any helpful feedback welcome!! :smiley:


My chest needs bringing up mostly.

Would like to improve shoulders and the wheels aswel, but i understand that I need to bring up all parts anyways.


5/3/1 Boring But Big Template or Mass Made simple by Dan John


I'm thinking of doing wsfsb actually, recommended to me by a mate....should i do 3 or 4 day though?


Washed up Meathead template from version III:

"MONDAY â?? Max-Effort Upper Body
WEDNESDAY â?? Max-Effort Lower Body
THURSDAY â?? Repetition Upper Body
SATURDAY â?? â??Vanityâ?? Day (This workout can consist of extra biceps, shoulders, calves & abs"

On the ME lifts make sure to rotate through different excercises each week to avoid stalling.
eg.Week 1 Flat bench , Week 2 Incline bench, Week 3 Close grip. Rinse and repeat.


I always thought it was

wk1-3 flat bench

wk3-6 incline bench etc..

I'll do it the way you suggest though :slight_smile:

What kind of setup could i do for vanity day? If you did shoulders on thursday wouldn;t it interfere with recovery? Or does the volume low enough not to effect it?

Also should i ramp on assistance exercises....yay or nay??