help with program please

hi all…

i want to start doing speed work in my routine…i am not a powerlifter i just want to be strong…i was thinking in something like this…please let me know your opinions…what would you change or add?

mon max lower body
one max effort movement for squat
one max effort movement for deadlift

tuesday explosive upper body
speed bench?
power cleans from blocks?

thursday explosive lower body
speed squats?
speed deads?

friday max upper dody
max effrot movement for bench
max effort movement for upper back?

any comment would help
thanks in advance

This is what I would do I use this kind of program for athletes I train, who are not powerlifters but need strength and condiioning…

Day max effort squat - deadlift
Max effort movement for the squat, ex good morning with varies bars suspended in chains, Safety squat bar low box squats 10-12 inch box alternate,
work up to a max 1 or 3

Max effort movement for the dadlifts using doubles,
rack pulls varied heights, Snatch grips pulls off 4 inch box, stiff legdeads off 4 inch box, reverse band deadlifts.
Using 2 until you work up to a max 2

Day 2

Max effort bench - Use the Westside Tempalate as is, I have never seen a need to change this for athletes or any one who uses the system raw, this will increase your pressing power and upper body strength as well as anything in the world.

Day 3 Dyanmic squat deadlift

Latic acid training - Take 60% of your max powerclean, use the hang clean off of stands doing 1 reps every 30 seconds until you hit 20 reps

Dynamic squat - 12x3 with 50% or whatever you choose

speed deads 6x1 with 50-70%

Day 4 dynamic bench- I would also keep this the same.

Ifyou really want to use this porgram to get into good shape while getting stronger the best thing you can do is add in GPP wamups, if you need help ask me or read Jim wendlers aricle in this months powerlifting USA…BIg Martin