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Help with Program for an Ectomorph


Hello guys im 22 years old, who recently started weight training, so im still newbie in bodybuilding.I wanted to ask for a good program for an ectomorph.I always had problems gaining muscle in arms and legs.So any advice, program would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some picture of me after 4th week of training.


Eat at least 15 calories per lb of body weight every day. Adjust up or down as you reasses weight gain weekly.

Eat 1g per lb of bw in protein. The rest should be fat and carbs. Eat veggies for health if you care.

Sleep 8 hours.

Pick a training program written by a coach and stick to it for as long as it gives you gains. You will see lots of dogma about all of this. There are push/pull/legs splits, full body, bro splits. If you are a true beginner my advice would be to try “starting strength”. It’s a full body 5x5 program and will give you HUGE progress in your first year. The focus is on compound barbell movements, you can add isolation later if you want.

If you’re still lifting and posting a year from now let us know.


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And i forgot to says, that i may be a noob in weight training, but surely im not in bodyweight training.Ive been working out calitsthenics for around 2 years…My bench i quess is pretty week, for the past 4th weeks, i can bench only 132. lbs without the barbell and do 5 totall reps.My squats is 132 lbs as well and i can lol same reps.Thought my deadlift is 154 lbs without the barbell again, and i do about the same reps.


Maybe do something like starting strength for a month or so just to get used to the basic barbell lifts (I’d recommend buying the book). After that you could try 5/3/1 for hardgainers, it’s literally made for people like you, just search this website. Again though I’d recommend you buy 5/3/1 to get a better understanding of it, it’s a great book.