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Help with Pro-Hormone Cycle

Before made illegal, I purchased a bottle of the pro hormone 1-Testosterone. I would like advice on how to use it to maximize results. Specifically, how should I diet and train when using it, and, equally important, how should I diet, train, and supplement when stopping it (in order to maximize results and maintain overall health.

I currently lift 3-4 times a week. I eat about 3500 cals on workout days, mostly clean, but not obsessive. My protien intake is high, probably 40% of overall calories. Whenever I lift, I always try to outdo myself either by weight or reps.

As a disclaimer, I am a mature lifter, and this is not a quick fix or shortcut for me. Also, since I can’t get this stuff anymore, it will not become an addictive habit for me, and will not lead to abuse. I simple want to try the cycle in hopes of some gains. Like I said, I cannot become addicted to this stuff because I can’t buy it.
Any help (from people with experience) would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, let me first say thank you to the overwhelming response to this post. I am anxious to try all of your suggestions.

Since 1-test is now a steroid (legally, it always has been from a chemical standpoint) you should post in the steroid forum.

That having been said you’ll get nailed to the wall as a newbie so . . .

Basically do some research around the net, it’s not hard to find info on 1-test.


Read the old MAG-10 promos and growth-surge articles on this website. Basically, if you want to gain mass, eat more. The pro-hormone will make your body more efficient at turning those excess calories into muscle. That is unless it’s a shitty product. Then your body will just do what it normally does when a person who works out eats excess calories, build muscle.

Thanks, guys. With my premature research, I think I am going to keep bulking naturally for a few more months to a year (at 175 lbs now, 5’10"), then use the stuff to maintain the muscle while dieting down, plus gain some muscle hardness. Thanks