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Help with Pre-Comp Programming

I know there are threads on programming but didn’t want to revive old thread. you guys know about my upcoming(first comp) mid july. i am taking 2 wks off and was going to go for heavier 3 gym days/1 event day but after todays session of car deads for my first time i am wondering if that will be too much leading up to comp. both events have car deads but i dont have access to trap bar.

should i do back squats mon ohp tues and thurs deads or do deads/ohp tues and thurs do squats or eliminate squats or have a de deadlift day on thurs and back squat on mon rather than hitting heavy deads on thurs AND sator should i do cleans for my 2nd LB. i had it planned out until i realized how much taxing the car deads will be(at least at my current level).

wondering if i should throw in sprints after each workout to help my conditioning as well