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Help with Power Clean


How does my power clean look, I'm hoping for helpful advice to make it better


Push straight through, don’t pause at the hip. Still make contact, but the motion should be one smooth acceleration. Also, stay over the bar longer.


What do you mean by stay over the bar longer but thank you for the tips !!


I’m not sure if this image will embed, but see how these lifters all have their shoulders above or ‘over’ the bar if you look from the side? That’s the same position you want to keep for both 1st and 2nd pull of the clean. Only when you explode through the hips should your shoulders come back as you shrug, does that help a little? There are some good clean technique videos (as well as other Oly vids) on catalystathletics.com which also has some great weightlifting programs up as well.


Stay over the bar longer. During your pull, you’re initiating the second pull too early. Watch your knees.

Also, don’t lift in socks!! You’re asking for injury!!