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Help With Posture!


I really need your help in trying to fix my terrible posture. As you can see I'm a skinny bastard but I figure I'll need to sort out my posture before I start lifting.

From what I've read I need to stretch my hamstrings, hip flexors, pecs and lats whilst strethening my glutes, lower abs and mid-back.

Have I missed anything? Also what exercises would you recommend for strenthening and activating the glutes.


you might want to check out this book:

it's all about posture and how to correct it. i found a copy at the library. good stuff.


Read both parts of:

And also this

For glutes do Lunges, Squats and Deads. Hell those three along with pullups/Bench press should be what your routine revloves around.

Also try good mornings.


I would recommend all excercises and a LOT of food. And I mean A LOT!!!


Dude, just pull your shoulders back and down, stick your chest out, and suck in that gut you don't have!

There, now you have good posture.


Unless you have physical or spinal problems, a lot of posture comes from self discipline and concious effort. Also consider your footwear. Loose shoes, flip flops, sandals and a heel will make it easier to slouch. A good fitting supportive shoe will make it easier to maintain good posture.
As silly as it sounds, you have to practice standing upright. Shoulders pulled back, lumber slightly arched, chest forward, neck level, abs tight. For a few minutes each day, try it in front of a mirror. Then, add some walking. Remind yourself throughout the day to maintain this. After a while it will become habit.
Make sure that your lifting is balanced. Working only chest without back, for example, will lead to a slouch. Posture is important not just for looks, but it will also prevent back pain down the road.


I can't do squats or deads without my lower back rounding. I thought bench pressing would be counter-productive as I need to strenthen my back? I will try the NNM series. Thanks.


I can and do, but this results in pain between my shoulder blades. As soon as I relax the muscle imbalances will just show themselves, which I obviousely need to fix!


Yeah it would have been counter productive if your shoulders and chest were making your back look even worse, which they arent cause they themselves lack serious size.

Its good to hear you are going to do the routines i told you about, but as for your back rounding on squats and DLS. It happened to each and everyone of us. You just dont use any weight until you practice the form.

I started off very very skinny, even worse then you are and it was harder for me to add weight cause besides having the thinnest limbs and being a hardgainer i was also 6'5. But as soon as i incorporated a good diet and compound lifts that work the back(from traps all the way down to hams) muscles i noticed great even gains.

I also advice you read up this article it is perfect for your posture worries and to implement this plan it wont cost you any more then 10 bucks :

Keep lifting and eating. And get back to us with good results.


PS: If you need bulking tips read up Barrs article: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-163-diet