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Help with Post-Cycle Bloodwork

Hi everyone. Don’t post here ever so not sure if I am doing this right. I need help.

I have finally come off of heave use for the first time in 2 years. I made it through 3 horrific months of post test use. I literally thought I would never feel better, but after almost 4 I am FINALLY feeling 95-99 percent my old normal self. I think it is time to get my blood work. What should I ask for? Free testosterone, serum testosterone? estrogen? I don’t want to pay 400 dollars for every single hormone. What are the essentials that will tell me if I have recovered or not? Thank you everyone.

Considering you’d like to see where your levels are post testosterone at supra physiological doses, with less expense vs more, I’d get these:

total testosterone
free testosterone
estradiol (optional, but interesting to know)

If you were taking testosterone with anabolic steriods, or just anabolics, I’d add these:


A CBC is cheap.


You can buy package deals for much cheaper than individual labs. Discount labs is a good place to look IMO.