Help With Possible Gyno

Im ending my fourth week of a 400mg Test Cyp/400mg Deca cycle which will run 10-12 weeks. I started of the cycle with 10mg of nolva/day, but after about a week the nips got kinda hard and a little sensitive so i upped it to 20mg for about a week. Since the symptoms subsided i went back to 10mg for about 4 days.

They came back this past saturday (sensitive nipples, hard as if its cold out, but not itchy). I dont feel any bumps behind the nipple but the tips were kinda swollen. Anyways, since monday Ive upped my nolva to 40mg/day in divided dosages…and the symptoms have steadily subsided, not really sore anymore, the tips are a little hard, but not as bad and not swollen.

I wondering how long I should stay at 40mg?? A week? 2 Weeks? The rest of the cycle?? Or should i start going down to 30mg and then back to 20mg? Does it sound like I caught this early enough and it should go back to normal?

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I take it you are not running an AI during cycle. I think you need to invest in some Adex. But for now do not stop taking your nolv.