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Help with POSING Routine Song

whats up guys and girls, im just starting to put together my posing routine ideas. i have a long way to go until my first show (in may), but i have been trying to find some good stuff to come out too. im looking for something out of either movies (quotes, speeches, etc.) or the beginning of a certain song.

i have been looking at alot of goodfellas or casino quotes but they drop the “F” bomb to much, haha. if you could just give me some ideas and the name of the song or movie that would help out ALOT.
so far i have two ideas:

  1. the boondock saints prayer or

  2. camron saying “they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thats why i wake up every morning and look in the mirror to see how fly i am” (its a little arrogant but its different)

then whatever i choose is going to fade into either Nonpoints-To The Pain or Hatebreed-To The Threshold

Thanks for your help!