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Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

So I have developed plantar fasciitis in my in my left foot which probably which probably is also because I do a lot of walking so because I do a lot of walking at my job and with my dogs . Plus I was doing heavy calf raises which I have stopped

My question is do deadlifts and squats make it worse.
I have been lifting in Nike cross training shoes but but thinking about getting some flat shoes like Chuck Taylor’s or vans.
But since I have this Problem with my foot should I take a break from lower body heavy movements altogether that have to do with pressure in my foot or just mabye to light reps

Hopefully someone will respond

I have it and if I don’t do calf work, it gets worse. Maybe try some standing bodyweight calf extensions?
If you put your toes around 5 inches from the wall, can you touch your knee to the wall without taking your heel off the ground? If not, you’re tight.


Squatting and deadlifting should be alright. Trial squatting with a heel lift and see if it helps

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I been starting doing really light sitting calf raises.
Just with 145 pound plate and doing real slow and controlled and trying to stretch it a little.
Before I was doing like 2 big plates and a 25 and just trying to throw it and maybe I over overdid it.
I just did a couple wall stretches and they do help loosen it

I’m gonna try squatting barefoot and creating an arch and maybe that will help since I’m flat footed

I’ve had a good case of plantar fasciitis twice. I could still do squats and leg presses without noticeable pain. Walking was the problem.

I even tried working calves and was able to do my regular calf workout, but paid the price for a couple days. I made it worse.

My therapy, self treated, was to put pressure on my arch to stretch the fascia by placing the arch of my foot on a rounded object while standing and add more of my body weight. I also bought shoe inserts for easing the pain of plantar fasciitis. They worked pretty good. The pain seemed to last about a week, or two.