Help With Plan

Hey guys,

I have been a member to T-Nation for some time now. But I have never posted anything. Here is my problem.

I’m going to college to become a paramedic, and today I decided I need to start working out–probably my first call will be some 450 lb fat ass i have to get up off a couch b/c he/she had a heart attack.

But the problems I am having are losing my determination-- I am not a very big guy, not much bigger than a toothpick, I guess it hurts my ego that I am not able to put up all this weight.

My second problem is I’m having trouble finding a point to start. Yes, I have read West side for skinny bastards and all of that stuff but it doesnt seem to help me because my resources are limited ( I only have a 100 lb weight set).

The goals I have set is just to gain strength, and maybe gain some weight.

Is there any plans out there that can help me with that?

You need access to real equipment. Find a local gym, preferably a hardcore powerlifting one, get on that westside for skinny bastards and start eating everything in sight. You may be surprised how strong you can get with just a few months of training. That 100lb weight set won’t even be enough to warm-up with in no time.

Here’s a plan. Stop hoarding all that paramedic money and buy a gym membership. You can’t get big off 100lbs on a barbell.