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Help with Physique

How can I make this physique decent-looking?
stats are: 6’3" 239 lbs and 14.5% bodyfat with calipers
I am very aware that i am an incredibly white person
I have an eating disorder that makes me not get hungry and unable to eat, every time I go to the doctor they blow it off because of my size.
legs and back are hit very hard as well. I basically powerlift right now and might bodybuild soon.

imo it’s already decent looking for someone who isn’t planning on competing - especially given you eating preferences.

i guess the question is; what are your thoughts on your physique?

I think OP need more shorts

You dont think underwear, 2 pairs of shorts and track pants are not enough?

How much Test are you running breaking out pretty bad? :smiley: Just being a dick.

I’d say that you’re at a pretty decent point for a non-competitor. Basically I’d say that you can essentially decide to push for more size (and keep an eye on bf levels), or cut a bit and make what you’ve got look more impressive as well as visually bigger in the process.


[quote]WAT wrote:
How can I make this physique decent-looking?[/quote]

From a “creating an illusion” standpoint, I’d focus on enhancing the overall V taper.

If you’re gaining, focus on shoulders (lateral and rear), triceps and lats. Maybe more upper chest.

Also reducing waist size will enhance the V, if you instead decide to spend time doing that.

I’m working on all that myself, but that’s the basic idea.

physique looks sort of bloated and smooth. Suggests oestrogen problems to me.

that looks a little harsh now I see it written down. I don’t mean it to be, just trying to be constructive.