Help with PED Test

I compete in the masters division of a sport that has random PED drug tests. I currently take a low dose testosterone cream, rubbed on the arm daily. My question is, does anyone know if I will test positive for a PED test. The test is the same test, performed by the same company and in the same facility as the Olympics testing. So, does anyone know if they can tell if you are using a low doss testosterone cream or do they test the levels, in which case mine would be in the normal range.

If your levels are in normal range, nothing would show up (unless your test cream has other active ingredients).

I don’t agree. Actual levels are not the only thing they look at. T/E ratio is a big deal. They can discern various testosterone esters as well. It’s hard to know how easily cream shows up, but I’m going to guess it shows up very easily.

Reading some of the books, guys would put on T patches for a couple hours in the evening, and be good by morning, but you’re really rolling the dice. Probably your biggest issue is how you are doing in your competition. If you’re a mid-pack or worse, then I wouldn’t worry. If you’re consistently winning meets or finishing at the top, then you’ll probably be pulled at some point. There’s nothing more pathetic than a 50-something guy pissing hot at an amateur competition. On the flip side of the coin, it sucks to not be able to do something you enjoy just because you want to feel like a reasonable human being.

I’m not sure there’s a good answer.