Help With PCT and Balls

I been running test e for about 6 weeks now at 250 mg and goin to start kicking it up to 500 for 6 more weeks but I noticed my balls are starting to get smaller. I have liquid clomid and nolvadex, wondering when I should start taking it and how much a week and also if I really need a hcg as well, please help out! Thanks!

Just going to respond here as I know what it’s like when you’re reaching out and get nothing! I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve been reading - you’re not using enough test E & should have been using HcG to keep your balls in shape.

What I mean by that is apparently 250 Test E by itself is only just above a TRT level, so will unlikely show any benefits, unless you are female or low T!

Your balls are gonna shrink bud. That’s what happens when you put test into your body. Your balls don’t produce like they should. Therefore atrophy. You should have been running HCG from the start.

All I have to say is 5 to 1 babe

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