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Help with PCT After 3-Year Cruise

Needing help with the best possible PCT plan I’m a 34 year old male from the uk. My first cycle was at age 25 and was a straight forward 12 week test only cycle no PCT but never done another for a year. Second cycle was a blast and cruise which consisted of test and tren for a year but failed PCT due to the horrible sides.
After a year off hoping I Would recover naturally I decided to do bloods and test was very low so stupidly decided to go TRT and have been running a TRT dose now for 3 years. I was planning to start dr scallys power PCT but kept putting it off due to the dreaded sides hence the 3 years I have been on but happened to stumble across this site a few days ago and saw I don’t have to do those crazy doses of clomid and HCG.
I know i might never recover but I’ll never know unless I try. I have tried to find the sticky’s but can’t seem to find anything (if there is any) I have searched the forum and saw ksman seems to be very knowledgeable around this subject. Any help would be appreciated thanks

Here’s how I would do it. Stop test. HCG 250iu / EOD for three weeks. Stop HCG. Start Nolvadex 40mg/ed first week, 40mg/ed second week, 20mg/ed third week, 20mg/ed fourth week. Stop all drugs and pray.

Disclaimer, I’m a TRT guy for life. Secondary hypo so I don’t PCT anymore. But from all the reading over the years thats what I would do. I’m looking forward to hear what others say.

At Defy, they told me the max they run HCG at is 500 iu EOD. I realize this is an appeal to an authority that I can’t back up, but those guys seemed to know their stuff. I would run 500 iu EOD if I was going for max benefit.

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Thanks for the advice I never saw the reply as still getting to grips with the forum. Are there any stickys to have a read at on this subject on the forum? I see @KSman is very knowledgeable on this subject as I’ve read up loads in regards to PCT so was just wondering if there’s a standard protocol as such? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

So 500 iU HCG every other for 3 weeks. Stop HCG and start 40mg nolva for 2 weeks then 20 nolva for 2 weeks is looking appropriate? Will I need any aromasin or anything while on HCG?

I don’t think you will need an AI while on HCG solo at that dosage. I think your plan looks good.

Also, KSMan had some good info, and some bad info. He was good at sounding very smart online, but I wouldn’t take his info as solid (I once did, but realize a lot of it was unsupported now).

There’s so many conflicting PCT protocols out there I was thinking dr Sally’s was the only way to go. I’m glad I found this forum …are there any sticky’s to have a read at? Just want to absorb all the info I can as I say this lower dose approach is new to me (a good thing) but i would like to get some more info if there’s any sticky’s . Thanks again