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Help With Parents and Supps


Okay, so I'm 15 and I am really into good nutrition, and weightlifting and I am also an athlete (basketball and track). My dad is the metro-soy-boy-yo-yo dieter guy at your gym do bi curls in the squat rack.

So, the other day I was drinking my homemade PWO shake (since I "can't have Surge") and we start talking about PWO. So I'm like "dad you have absolutely no idea what PWO is" and he thinks he knows his shit so the next morning, we're getting ready to hit the gym and he grabs a pre made Muscle Milk and drinks HALF of it. And so I asked "WTF was that for" and he responds "my RECOVERY"!!!! SO basically you get the idea, he is as stated above.

Well, we ran out of protein powder and so he goes and buys some and comes back with MUSCLEMILK, and I start getting all pissed at him and he talks about how I am really overboard about nutrition and I need to relax. So now I have nothing for PWO and I have a POS prt. powder. He also refuses to let me take:

Prt. Powder other that before/after my workout
Olive Oil
Fish Oil (I sneak out and buy it and hide it)

And he basically just makes fun of everything that I eat and when I eat it.

My ? is, do you guys know how I can get him to let me take the ealier mentioned things?
Does anyone else expieriencing parenting like this?

And also, he makes up every excuse in order to get out of taking me to the gym (even though he goes every morning). He says in the afternoon he's "working" when in reality he is checking e-mail and watching TV, so now I only get to go 3x a week sometimes only 2x.

Please help.


seems his goals are alot different then your own. I really think your best bet is to get him to sit down and talk aout your goals. He either doesn't know what they are or more than likely doesn't understand them. Do some research and show him why Surge is so good for pwo. Show him research on efa's and what foods have them and why they're important. As for the creatine, thats a tough one. i'm not really sure what to do. If he makes fun of you when you eat ask him what he making fun of, put him under some pressure to tell you exactly whats funny. Then hit him right back with why you're eating what you are in regard to your goals.

Pretty much just talk to the guy. if hes still on you case about everything he's just an asshole and you should just get huge and kick his ass.


Lol, I like the last one the best.

Thanks for the input.



I'm also 15 and I get a nice shipment of Metabolic Drive, Surge, ZMA and Fish Oil on a regular basis. Most likely because I pay for it with my own money.

Try to talk him into ordering it for you, then paying him back. Or just cough steal his credit card, use it, then put the $ in his wallet. (jk....don't actually do this....)

My dad is also a soy-boy, but at least he is open-minded enough to let me pursue my own goals, however different they may be from his.


For a while my mom was scared that my brother and I (I'm 19/f, he's 17) were taking "steroids" because we both had huge tubs of protein and creatine.

The best I could do (which calmed her nerves, a LOT) was to show her some third party information, on the internet, and from someplace reputable. Showing your dad T-Nation might not be a hot idea, because when most people see "Bodybuilding" and "Supplements", they think "speedos" and "steroids."

Be knowledgeable and mature (don't let it degrade into a shouting match; that's bad). Do your research; if you present a weall-reasoned, informative argument to your father, then he'll most likely be responsive

...If not, he's a jerk, ignore him. Your results will speak louder than anything else.


That's funny. My dad recently called me because he had found out that my sister was hiding some HOT-ROX and some brand of tribulus for a friend of her boyfriend. He knows I'd know what the stuff was so he was checking with me. No clue why the kid felt he needed to hide the stuff, but my dad was afraid that my sister was hiding steroids. I had a good laugh at that one.


LOL, I will try this tomorrow.


Why the hell won't he let you eat olive oil? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, it's just plain good for you. Throw out all the horrible rancid toxic oil in the house over and over until he buys fresh extra virgin olive oil exclusively.

Or take creatine for that matter?

Both are inexpensive and very good for you.

I don't get it at all.

I second the approach of talking to him with a well reasoned, calm approach, possibly showing him where you're learning the info (for instance, from PhD's and whatnot).



There's nothing wrong with MuscleMilk.


Buy it, throw a different label on. "I just like this cause it tastes better".

If you ask your parents anything your giving them the power to say no, just do it. Argue about it later.


Exactly, it's still protein.

You're throwin a hissy fit when your old man STILL TRIED to help you out and got you something to the best of his knowledge. Sit down and talk to him like an adult, not some whining little kid. Let him know what you prefer, and why.


So daddy didnt buy you what you wanted so you threw a tantrum?




That is one of the most insane things I have ever heard.

That's child abuse.

OK ... I am trying to calm my nerves. I don't know how I will be able to sleep tonight.

OK anyway, it is gonna be hard to convince him otherwise because no doubt, he thinks he knows best. And I also wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't want you to get big, possibly, or has some crazy reason to stop you having these things. Or maybe, is tight with $$$

Don't worry about the creatine in my opinion.

Steal the protein powder. Transfer it into your own tub at night at a rate that doesn't get noticed. Switch it with dried milk or some other rubbish, he won't know the difference.

Buy your own olive oil, it is cheap. Keep up the fish oil.

If you can't go to the gym as often as you like, work out some kind of bodyweight exercises at home to fill in. There are plenty of ways to get by without a full gym.

My parents used to complain I ate too much, like 2 1/2 chickens and left none for them. But they never were stingy with the foods. A bit junky though. At least he doesn't make you eat lots of junk food.

Where does yer mum stand on all this? She can be an ally perhaps.

man this is just the nutsest thing i ever heard.


hmmmm it does seem he is somewhat willing to help, on first read I thought he bought the musclemilk for himself, and was only letting you have some at certain times.

i get the impression the main issue is money. even with the gym, he doesn't let you go as often because of the cost. is that true?


That is exactly what happened. I have used Muscle Milk. There isn't a damn thing wrong with it. If this kid was acting like a know it all while his dad was even attempting to help out, he is now being punished for it. Get over it. My parents didn't help me AT ALL. Any protein I bought was my own and I had to hide that under my bed. That is why I made NO PROGRESS until I moved out and went to college. From that point on, I gained about 100lbs. This kid has the benefit of a parent even partially involved in training and he is complaining?

Bottom line, you are spoiled little bitch who has a dad who tried to at least help you a little and you threw it in his face. For anyone to act as if his dad is obligated to help him with bodybuilding, you may also be a spoiled bitch. Get the fuck over it and get a job.


So, you say you are into good nutrition, then why are you so warped about supps? If you know anything about nutrition, and yourself for that matter, you would know that at your age you already have the best muscle building supplement at your disposal, right in your own body!! Its called Testosterone!!! Go Figure! If you want to eat good clean food, then do so, if you want to build muscle, then learn how to manipulate your bodys natural resources, and if you want to tie it all together, then learn how to lift weights properly, and get at least 9 hours of sleep, and watch yourself grow in leaps and bounds.


Child abuse? I can't believe people are letting a 15 year old kid get away with this crap on this board. Child abuse because his dad didn't buy him the specific protein he really really wanted? Dear Lord, what next, an X-box 360 the wrong color...or worse, a game that isn't the hottest seller in the store? This board is filled with pussies lately.


The only thing "wrong" with it is the glycocyamine, which I wouldn't particularly want. However, I've used it and it's probably not a problem as long as you're not living off the stuff.

Edit: I did some reading while I posted this, and I'm inclined to add that as long as there's betaine with the glycocyamine it's probably even less of a problem.

I'd also like to add that I'm in now way trying to support this kid who's bitching about his parents. They feed you, house you and cloth you. Go to school, get good grades, move out and do whatever the hell you want. In the meantime, as my daddy would say, "As long as you're under my roof you'll do as I say."


I read this with my mouth hanging open.

You seriously need to calm down and show some humilty. If you ask me, muscle milk is exactly what you should be taking. You don't need creatine or Surge. What you need is lots of protein and and lots of calories to get big. that is exacly what is in Muscle milk.

I am sure if you behave like a young adult and try to talk to your dad resonably, you can get some fish oil and other healthy fat supplements.


I don't want to hijack this thread but hasn't it been shown that most/all of glycocyamine in a supplemental dose is converted to creatine in the liver? I realize that you are implying large dosses (living off the stuff) but I don't want this kid to get the wrong idea.