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Help with One Workout Per Week

I’ve recently had a right knee microfracture surgery and i cannot put any weight/pressure on my leg at all for 4-6 weeks. i’m two weeks post op and i need to workout again.

I’ve done two workouts at my house with dumbbells. i only have a 15,20 and 25lb dumbbell (one each), so i have been very limited. i did floor presses, hammer curls, seated shoulder presses, and wrist curls and crunches.

i plan on having someone drive me to the gym so i can do an actual workout with real weights.

what do you guys suggest for a good hypertrophy focused workout? i planned on doing fat grip pullups, incline bench, flat bench. any help would be appreciated. this will be my only workout all week, so i really want to feel it for a few days.

During a rehab. healing and returning to 100% is the only priority.
IMO…you should consider one workout at the gym and one at home during this period. I would sugggest chest/back/shoulder at the gym followed by light arm & ab work at the house. I like supersetting opposing movements…O.H. Presses/Pulldowns; Upright Rows/Dips; Flat Presses/Horizontal Rows; etc.

Librairies are filled with books about workout using body weight, chairs, free stuff you already have. Rest and eating clean, vegetables will help your recovery. Maybe yoga from tv or librairy dvd is an option to explore.
All the best!