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Help with One of my Clients


She's moved away for 8 months to a small town in Mexico where she works teaching music temporarily. She's come a long way in the two years I've worked with her. She's 6'1'', starting weight of 353lbs, weight when she left was 200lbs even, weight currently 3 months later 215lbs. She doesn't have any gyms around her, any personal trainers, all of the food is cheap processed crap, and she has no access to any weights or equipment to use. Before she left she was doing great. I had her on CKD with weekly refeeds, strength training and conditioning twice a week. She can't remember what we used to do, and she wants me to give her a routine to follow for eight weeks while she's down there. She's considering just a low calorie diet and P90X but I know her andshe won't stick to that at all. Any suggestions?


Nutrition: Have her to a velocity-type diet, where she has her food/supplements shipped to her.
Exercise: bodyweight circuits, calisthenics


If she's in Mexico tell her to join a boxing gym. They're on every street corner and she'll come back weighing 135