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Help with Old Sound System


Hey all,

So I'm trying to set up an old stereo system with a few modern upgrades and having some issues. I was wondering if you all could help. (My limited google skills didn't pay off, apparently).

So I've got an old receiver with a lot of power to it. The sound coming out is amazing except for a few problems:

1) The left side will loudly "crack" every now and then. It sounds like old records used to. The guy I'm setting it up for says he doesn't mind as it's "just like when I was young" but I mind 'cuz I don't know why it's doing it.

2) When you adjust the volume, all the speakers "crack" like the above.

3) Sometimes plugging into the computer causes strange sounds (this really isn't a big problem, but I figure since I'm asking).

So I disconnected the speaker wiring, cut the wires, re-stripped them, and re-connected them at the receiver and the speakers... it didn't seem to help. The guy I'm helping says it's probably the speakers because "that one speaker used to do this when it was connected to a different receiver."

But I'm not sure as now both left-side speakers are "cracking" and they're connected by different wires. I took an air compressor and "blew out" the receiver pretty good (it had been sitting idle for a few years). That didn't seem to help. Could it be something with the connection to the receiver?

Thank you all so much for the help! I could take some pics if that would be helpful.


Number 2 is a dirty volume pot. Get some Radio Shack Tuner Cleaner (or whatever they call it now). This may also fix problem #1.


Yup, this advice is spot on.

You can also remove the drivers from the cabinet and check the internal connections of the speaker, very possible that there is a loose internal connection.


Sweet, doesn't sound too bad. I'll give 'er a go.


To troubleshoot that, you can flip the speaker wires around and see if said crack moves with the wires. If so, it's the receiver. If the crack stays in place it's the speaker.


[EDIT:] Next time I'll finish reading the post.... :slight_smile: