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Help with Odd Gym Access

I’ve finally committed to working out and getting in a good program, after reading for years now ( and not understanding until now… kind of) and watching videos on form ( squats and deadlifts) I’m finally going to start up and make changes . But one of the issues I’m facing already is odd timing and how it effects me fufilling the needs of certain programs.

the gym i go to is my school gym , its open monday through thursday and thats it , so doing a 3 day program is possible but only if there was no day of rest between one of those days. I opted not to do that since pretty much everywhere its listed as a bad idea and I don’t know how to change a program enough to keep from the same muscles being worked each day.

But ! I got a a bar, a bench some weights ( 2 45’s ) at home now . I was hoping someone could help me out with figuruing out a program for 3 days that would only reqire a bench , 45’s and a bar for one day

I’m willing to buy some weights for sure

oh and I am about 5’9 and 158
so I plan on eating more as well

You could do WS4SB, and set it up like this:
Monday - ME Lower
Tuesday - RE Upper
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - ME Upper
(Switch around the upper days if you want to, I haven’t done WS4SB before so I can’t say anything from experience)


Monday - Heavy Lower
Tuesday - Heavy Upper
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Light Full Body


You could do some type of a bodybuilding 4-day split

Currently I have the same school gym schedule as you, open from monday through thursday. I personally find it hard to focus a lot on weight room progress and school work at the same time since I am in an enhanced academic program, so here is what I do:

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 5x5 Squat, 3x5 Bench, Horizontal Pulling
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 5x5 Squat, 3x5 Bench, Horizontal Pulling
Friday - Off
Saturday - Pushups, Go to the park to do chin ups
Sunday - More bodyweight if I feel like

Hope some of that helped.

Thanks man , it does I didin’t want to edit any programs like Starrs 5x5 or rippetoes since I know nothing , but I will try to use the ws4sb or your program lol

Thanks again

You could just do the traditional Friday workouts on Thursday. Example with Rippetoes

Monday- Workout A
Wednesday- Workout B
Thursday- Workout A
Fri-Sun: rest.

The rest periods aren’t set in stone.

Or you could lift Monday and Thursday, and on your off days do GPP, pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, and powercleans with 135. It’s an idea.

Nice handle, by the way.