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Help with Nutrition/Supplements?

Hi all and I really hope you can help.

I’ll try and keep it brief.

Been out of the gym for 8 months, beforehand I did years of just general stuff before taking more of a specific interest in weights and changing my body shape. I took protein and carbs as a PWO, got a lot stronger and a bit bigger but with not much definition.

Now I’m back, I’ve lost most of my strength (which isn’t worrying me at all - I’m pretty disciplined and focussed once I get back into it) and trying to sort out my programme and nutrition so I can concentrate on working hard in the gym safe in the knowledge that its worthwhile.

I’m 91kg, 5’ 11", 23% bodyfat.

My goal (after much deliberation) is to try and get my body fat down to about 16% without losing too much muscle, then bulk up without putting too much fat on so that the end result is bigger, more defined physique.

My programme is 2 days cardio, 2 days weights per week. (cardio sessions are 20 minutes high intensity interval training on either treadmill or rower)
Weights involve main compound exercises.

I’ve started to take a cap of Multi-vitamins, cod liver oil and fish oil a day.

Each PWO shake is 50g whey protein.

My work is such that I find it hard to constantly make prepared meals at home for the day (i.e. boiling veg etc) however I’m trying to eat 5-6 times a day and eat clean (last week I took the tough decision to cut bread out totally - I was eating 6 slices a day).

I just need either confirmation that I’m doing the right thing nutrition wise in terms of protein and supps, or whether I’m missing something fundamental out of my plan.

Many thanks if you can help

If your diet doest blow, you should be fine.

You should look into doubling your work outs though. more like 4 days weight and 4 days cardio.

If you want more specific, write down exactly what you eat in a day, and post it.

I would do 4 days weights and no cardio. If you are just starting out simply stay at ~90kgs and after 6 months your body fat will have dropped rapidly.

body fat drops from what you eat. 2 days weights are too low IMO. Especially when you are starting off again.

your supplements look fine to me.

Increase the fish oil if your joints start to ache. I take roughly 5grams of EPA+DHA combined per day.

Besides that it looks fine for now.

I would look to get in at least 3 weights workouts per week. If this involves dropping the cardio down to one session then that is fine.

Diet wise if you are trying to build muscle shoot for 500kcal on-top of what you would eat normally. Make sure this comes from lean protein, slow release carbohydrates and good fats.