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Help With New Workout

I need a little help coming up with a new workout outline. I just finished week 4 of Art of Waterbury (kind of an egotistical title isn’t it?) with good results except I have developed some slight elbow tendonitis. I am taking a week off then I want to do a more flexible routine for a month or two then maybe do DJ’s One lift a day or another Waterbury routine.

I really want to do something with alot of recovery time before each exercise is repeated for joint purposes, like maybe a 5-day split on a 10 day rotation. I really liked the workout Biggjames posted except that might be a bit much volume for me (then again maybe not, I don’t know) and I don’t want my exercise selection set in stone. I want to have fun and I’d just wing it for a while but I don’t trust myself to train instinctivly.

Here’s the link to Biggjames’his thread in case you missed it:

My goal is just to continue get bigger and stronger and do something different for a while. I do have a sensitive shoulders and am working back to health from an injury 9 months ago.

Here is what I was thinking…
Body parts per workout : 2
Exercises per bodypart : 2
Total sets per bodypart : 8-12

Day 1: Chest and Bis
DB bench (whatever angle) 10,8,6,6,6
Pec Dec or machine press 8,8,8
Power Curls 10,8,6,6,6
Some other curls 8,8,8

Day 3: Lat Dominent
Weighted pull-up/chin-up progression 5-8 sets total
Lat pulls or some lat machine 8,8,8

Day 5: Legs
Overhead->front->ATG->box squat progression (8-12 sets total/multiple pyramids in 6-12 range)
Leg press or machine maybe 8,8,8

Day 7: Shoulders and Tris
DB overhead press 10,8,6 (if I can)
Rear/side/front lateral raise 3x8 each
Dips 10,8,6,6,6
some kind of tricep extension 8,8,8

Day 9: Back and Hamstrings
Deadlift 10,8,6,6,6, or hang clean ?x?
Rack Pulls with shrugs or SLD 8,8,8
BB Rows or T-bar rows 10,8,6,6,6
Machine or cable rows 8,8,8

One or two days off then repeat.

I know there is alot of machine stuff in there but I haven’t touched one in months unless you count the T-Bar row and I want a fun change. Is this enought time for recovery and is it too much or not enough volume (I think it is about half the amount in BigJames’ workout)? I also wonder if my biceps will have enough time for recovery with chins, rows and curls all on different days.

I’d really appreciate any advice and let me know if you need more info.


Looks like I forgot abs and calves.
I will do calve work at the end of days 5 and 9 and I will do some ab work at the end of days 3 and 7. I will probably also do external rotations on day 1.

I would really like any imput.

Is that a good split and amount of volume for the amount of rest time?

What is a good set/rep scheme for power cleans or hang cleans? Are reps in the 10-6 range to high?

And what day would be the most benificial to do external rotations in terms of not overtraining my shoulders?

Any opinions or criticism would be appreciated. I’m probably going to start this in a few days.