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Help With New Vegetarian Diet

Hi there, I’m on the cusp of beginning a new workout regamin that involves what I’ve come to understand to be an A-B split with compound exercises.

I'm learning what to lift and how to lift so now I need to learn what to eat and how to eat. For ethical reasons I am a vegetarian and as such I don't eat meat. However, I do eat sea food, shrimp, tuna and so on.

I’m willing to try new things and I am willing to put my all in to this new diet but for the life of me I can’t find a simple, efective, affordable vegetarian meal plan. I need something that is a 7 day plan with simple, dry/cold lunches as I won’t have the chance to eat hot foods at that time as I’ll be at college.

Could anyone help me out or steer me in the right direction? Once I’ve got the meal plan down I can go do some groceries and get this thing started!

Why are you more sensitive about the pain of land animals than sea animals? What makes a fish, shrimp, or dolphin (one of the smartest animals period as I understand it) less worthy of sympathy?

Now, to answer YOUR questions…

hard boiled eggs
vegetarian protein bars (I am sure there are some out)
raw food bars (fruit and nuts that are dried together)
trail mix
granola bars
cereal (preferably a healthy kind, not Count Chocula)
protein shakes (you said dry but you might see if you can take a shaker with you, or else buy some protein shakes in a can)
nuts and seeds
cheese of all kinds

You are probably going to have to lean heavier on hard boiled eggs and some kind of bar more than most people during the day. If you eat dairy and have access to some means of keeping it cool, cheese is a great option. Just make up for it by eating a solid breakfast and dinner with some seafood and/or eggs.

you can add vegetable protein source to your diet , like hemp protein , pea protein I see that he is very cheap at one online store

Bean salads.

Since you’re not eating red meat, you may want to think about supplementing with creatine (if you’re not already). While not a vegetarian, I don’t eat much beef, pork, or fish, which are common external sources of creatine. My work capacity as increased phenomenally since I started taking creatine.

beans and rice